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Originele vacaturetekst

Warehouse employee Bleckmann

We are looking for employees who want to join our team coming season (and perhaps longer).

What would your tasks be?

-Gathering the orders
-Helping with loading and unloading the trucks
-Sorting, labeling and counting the goods
-Processing the data of the products with a hand computer (gladiator)

Does this function appeal to you? Click on the red button and apply!
Then we can invite you for an intake at one of our offices within the Bleckmann warehouses so when you start working, you can always swing by for answers to your questions.

Over de werkgever

Where are you going to work?
Bleckmann is a provider of logistic services within the fashion-, retail and lifestyle industry. Bleckmann provides the collecting, stocking and delivering of hanged and wraped goods for its customers worldwide. With a large number of warehouses within the Netherlands Bleckmann attends some of the most renowned designers and retail chains. Working at Bleckmann means working within a leading company with professional teams and skilled and passionate people who connects companies, markets and people in a sustainable way. In Twente Bleckmann has five locations where all logistic activities are carried out. The different activities for a customer are: - Supporting the purchase-, stocking-, distribution- and sales processes. - Inventory management - E-business and Customer Relation Management.
Wat wij bieden

What we offer:

- A gross hourly wage of €10,28 if you are 21 years or older + temporarily €0,46 performance bonus per hour
- A weekend bonus on saturday 125% and on sunday 150%!
- Guaranteed 6 months of work when you show a good work ethic
- Traveling fee of €0,10 cents per kilometer starting at 10 KM
- 25 holiday days (on a fulltime base) and 8,33% holiday allowance
- Free acces to GoodHabbitz, the free online learning environment
- Free hot beverages (coffee/tea) and soup, and the opportunity to buy a variety of sandwiches
- Free parking space
- Discount on your health insurance
- A good retirement regulation
Our employees enjoy working at Bleckmann for the following reasons: - Nice and friendly co-workers - The teamleaders and supervisors take the time to explain the tasks - Opportunities to develop - Music within the warehouse.Warehouse Employee Joanna; "Every day I work with nice co-workers and nice background music, together we have a lot of fun. And currently I drive the fork-lift truck, as a result of my course!


Function requirements:

To start as a warehouse employee in Almelo we have for the following requirements:

- You can walk/stand all day an be able to lift a box.
- You can get a certificate of good behavior (which we will pay for).- You are available between Monday and Friday form 06:00 till 15:00 or 7:30 till 16:30. An other option would be for at least 3 days a week (of which one in day in the weekend, either Saturhdays from 10:30 till 19:30 or Sundays from 12:00 till 21:00) and the other days from 7:00 till 16:00 or 14:00 till 23:00.



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