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Step by step, that's the way to eliminate criminals from the financial market. But you can't ask 43 security questions, do 10 fingerprint scans and add facial recognition to every single bank application or login. So how is it done without being a hassle? And where can you help as Head of Northern Europe?

Good question, now tell me the answer..
Okay, fair enough. The answer is quite simple, you build the best KYC platform there is! Using an absurd amount of datapoints, multiple tiers and AI algorithms. All of this happens without the end user even knowing what's actually going and without endless waiting. The smart software detects any anomalies, acts accordingly and alerts an actual human being when needed.

Wow, that sounds like stuff from the future
I know right?! Minority Report eat your heart out! Okay but all kidding aside, this company is paving the way for the future and they need your help.

Cool, what can I do?
You can help by leading the expansion their business in Northern Europe and later the rest of the world. The first few years have been extremely successful and they've already acquired some household names from the banking world as clients. As you can imagine these are not the simplest sales cycles. You will be responsible for finding the perfect fit for you client and helping them along the way of making impactful decisions. Together you will work towards a fraud detection rate of nearly 100% and a cost reduction in compliance of up to 95%. It will be up to you to build a team of solid sales executives to conquer the Northern market.

I'm 100% up for the task, what do you need?
Well, to start of we need you to know what it's like to sell Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. Around a decade of experience in this field will get you a long way. It would also be nice if you have some knowledge of the financial market, and especially the Fintech industry. Other than that you needs to have a winners mentality and a hunger for sales. Oh, and if you speak another language like Swedish, German or Norwegian, that would be great too!

Sounds like me, but what about me?
Obviously you will be well rewarded for your hard work. With a base salary of up to €100.000 per year depending on experience and a chance to double that when you prove your strength. You will have the chance to work in a fast growing company, and in a stimulating environment. Work among the best and achieve the best. You'll also get enough days off to celebrate the deals you've done and as a cherry on top: an office right next to the Vondelpark in Amsterdam! What are you waiting for? Apply!



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