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Turn the lights off, close the windows, and please, just use LED-light. Useful tips and all, but these people make the real difference. Saving energy has been taken to the next level, but they need some extra hands. Time for the next generation of effective sales, starting with you. Andiamo!

Tell me more...

In modern times, almost every company in the world has to save energy, but that's easier said than done. Where do you have to start? If you're in an industry where there are so many energy-using systems, finding a big energy loss is like a needle in a haystack. And we need to make a difference right now, if we want to make it to 2050.

This company has got the ultimate solution in finding spots to save energy on. With their innovative system, they check the energy flows in their client's industry. Based on that collected data, they come with advice, which can save their clients huge amounts of energy ánd money.

Interesting! How can I add value?

As an Account Executive, you will contribute to the fast growth of this company. The potential in your region is yours to reach, by bringing the product to the market. This market will be in Italy. That sounds like you have to move, but luckily your work is based near Amsterdam. From there, you will generate new customers, look for profitable partnerships and develop a high-performance sales culture.

I would like that! Am I good enough?

Of course you are, thanks to your several years of sales experience. The Italian market is familiar to you, and of course your Italian is at a native level of speech. Your drive and intelligence have gotten you to where you are now, and that's why you're ready for this step. And if you can bring experience in B2B sales, SME sales and/or remote sales, then the champagne is almost ready to pop.

What's in it for me?

As a junior, you've got nothing to complain about, thanks to the monthly salary of around €2750. But as a senior, you're even better settled with a pay cheque of up to €4000. The earning potential is even bigger, thanks to commission and progression. While working there, the lines are short and it's easy to get in touch with every co-worker, from the janitor to the CEO. Working at the office in Amsterdam is nice, but for now, working from home is obviously possible. When this all sounds as sweet as Cannoli, the only button for you is Applicare!



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