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As Construction Manager, you are responsible to manage the technical execution of the project according the design and technical specifications. The main focus should be on ensuring that it is completed safely, within the approved budget, on time and in accordance with contract and the corporate objectives. You lead, evaluate and develop a site based organization including supervisors, site engineers, and quality and safety personnel to ensure that the project is completed on time, within budget and according to project specifications. You actively support implementation of the occupational health, safety, quality and environmental policies and procedures of the company and promote employee health and wellbeing on the project. You report to the Project Manager. 

Your responsibility: 

  • Assure the execution of the construction according to the health, safety, environmental and quality standards, the contract, budget, schedule and other project targets.
  • Assure the execution of the project according the design and advise engineers in solutions for clashes occurring during construction.
  • Advising the project manager with respect to the technical execution of the project plan.
  • Take actions to resolve operational problems and minimize delays.
  • Manage activities of subcontractors to ensure they are integrated into the project in such a way that the organization receives satisfactory standards of service.
  • Coordinate supply of materials and equipment according to planning.
  • Assure that the equipment under custody is properly used.
  • Monitor progress and performance of the execution.

You will work for a leading manufacturer of generic medicines.

  • Bachelor degree civil engineering.
  • At least 5 years experience as a superintendent and at least 10 years experience in construction supervision in overall construction.
  • Knowledge of Good Manufacturing Process (GMP).
  • Decent knowledge of basic MS office software.
  • Excellent planning, organizational and communication skills.
  • Good analytical skills, pay attention to detail and know how to solve a problem.
  • Naturally you are a team player and decision maker 

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Construction Manager

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