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You will use your analytical skills, creativity and user experience mind-set to recommend solutions that will help shape a stickier digital solution by improving user satisfaction and creating more engagement. You are motivated to solve problems through data, you understands how to turn complex data into valuable insights, using both your analytical and creative skills. You can work with and correlate both qualitative and quantitative data input. You make data meaningful to both your team members and the end user. You have the hands on programming and prototyping skills to truly use data as creative material.

Core responsibilities

  • Continuously monitor users’ behaviour and optimize the user’s journey from A to Z, based on in-depth analysis setting for the most important touchpoints and interactions
  • Translating data from different data sources into ‘digestible’ dashboards and insights
  • Interpret results of tests (like e.g. A/B testing) and experiments, prioritize and communicate user needs, make recommendations for product or process changes and influence behaviour of (various) users
  • Inform the product team with customer insights by using analytics tools and proven methodologies
  • Be a core part of the (UX/UI) design team and sparring partner for product owner to make the right product and design decisions

Secondary tasks

  • Testing hypotheses in an efficient (lean) way, e.g. by creating A/B tests and experiments
  • Starting point to support and team up with experts from different areas (People Research, Product Research Centre, Data Analytics & Security, Data Scientists)
  • Using persuasion techniques and strategies for the digital ecosystem to motivate users to engage and convert
  • Proactively research new ways of modelling/using latest research methodologies to unlock actionable insights

  • 3+ years of experience in computer science in creative environment or data focused design environment
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Industrial Design, Computer Science or equivalent
  • Experience with data analysis and data visualization and/or information design
  • Working closely with product owners and UX/UI designer within a scrum team.
  • Showing ability to translate data into actionable insights
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Must have experience

  • Experienced in creating analytics reports/dashboards/data visualizations for decision-making
  • Experienced in using analytical and creative tools understand meaning of data and translating data into insights Think of tools as (D3, SiteCatalyst or equivalent)
  • Hands-on skills to iteratively build concepts and experiments (e.g. AB testing) to gather and translate data, both for developing and validating the proposition (D3, SiteCatalyst or equivalent)

Bedrijf: Philips Consumer Lifestyle B.V.

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