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Kotlin and Javascript Engineer “Direct Debits Squad”

Proficient Kotlin and Javascript Engineer “Direct Debits Squad”

This job offer is aimed for developers that want to join a small focused team, with a healthy combination of juniors and seniors. Each developer is able to work in the frontend as well as the backend of the application.

Job description

Within Team 42, we take care of Direct Debits. If you are subscribed to Netflix or Spotify and money is automatically taken off your account, you’re probably using us! We are taking care of two full stack applications, that help both consumers as well as companies and we receive millions of transactions a month.

At Team42, we hold each other accountable for our work. We use a light but efficient process to get things done. We work, but we also like each other and play the Wii and Table Football together. We believe in good code and try to become better every day. For this reason, we are now using Kotlin, use lit-html and refactor code where we could keep using the Java and Polymer stack. To improve in terms of security, one of our members is also a former Pen Tester.

As your Chapter Lead, my role is to get you proper training and coaching. Because I am also a developer, I can understand your pain points and help you solve them technically and socially. Reaching me is easy, since I am sitting only a few desks away, also working on features.

As an engineer in our 8 people squad, you are responsible for maintaining and implementing the roadmap of all the applications and tools used to support direct debits. That means maintaining our tech stack, but also implement new features, in order to serve our customers.

Technical experience/capabilities

  • At least three years’ experience with object-oriented programming languages, in the front or the back end. However, you will have to do both as part of the team.
  • Experience in continuous testing environments
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Team player – must have!
  • Willing to improve, every day
  • English speaking and writing skills – must have!
  • Experience of the ING environment would be a plus.

Our stack

  • The back-end is written in Java 8 (functional style), but we are mainly writing in Kotlin now.
  • Most of our code is built using Web Components (Polymer and lit-html) and es6. Some of our old frontend is still written in Angular 1.7 though.
  • Cucumber for integration and acceptance tests
  • We use Gitlab, Jenkins and Ansible

What’s in it for you

  • An opportunity to grow, get trained and be valued for what you bring to the fold
  • A manager focused truly on getting you to improve technically and socially
  • A direct impact on customers, and appreciation for your work

Work environment

The squad operates in a KANBAN environment, where we work on one or two epics at a time. Our software can be deployed to TEST and ACCEPTANCE at any moment, and we usually go to production every other week.

The squad is composed of a mix of a product owner and technical members, in order to have a complete overview of our products. You will part of a technical team composed of an OPSer, and frontend as well as back-end focused engineers. The roadmap is handled by our product owner and you will be working closely with him to make sure to keep focused on our customers.

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