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Originele vacaturetekst

Process Associate Manager, BIW

The Role:

Process supervisor should have a deeply understanding of the various joining processes and inspection methods in body shop, and can establish the process system and manage the process documents and parameters. Should have a strong logic analysis ability to solve quality problems in product and process quickly. At the same time, this role requires an excellent leadership and cross-departmental cooperation ability, to lead the team to complete layout planning, process optimization, quality improvement and other tasks.


·Setting team target according to quality KPI, decomposing the tasks and supervising the performance

·Establishing the body shop process system, formulating process-related workflows, instructions, etc.

·Formulating and managing the process documents. Ensuring the consistency of actual operation and process by inspection and auditing.

·Managing the process parameters, including initial version parameters, records of parameter changes, final version parameters and actual setting parameters on the equipment, to ensure that the actual output parameters are consistent with the parameters sheet, and to gradually improve the parameters in the process.

·During the importing of new models, completing product drawings checking, layout planning, design checking and process optimization, to reduce the risk of unstable quality, poor ergonomics, redundancy of personnel, etc. Analyzing and solving the problems which affect the quality or equipment opening rate in the initial production process, reducing rework time and ensuring schedule completed as planned.

·Managing the fixtures, including: completing fixture design to ensure the rationalization, normalization and standardization; checking the hardness, material quality and consistency of fixture pin and clamping surface during fixture installation; collecting and checking the measuring report of fixtures; standardizing the daily checking process and standard of fixtures, and checking the wear and tear of fixture pin, fit of the clamps, etc.

·In charge of implementing the guidelines, policies and regulations of the quality works, and ensuring the products meeting the requirements of enterprise standards and national regulations.

·According to the quality KPI, establishing early warning mechanism, solving or promoting the relevant departments or suppliers to solve the quality problems which found in the market and production in time. Formulating and completing the optimization plans to reduce rework and improve the products’ quality continuously.

·Supervising process quality and ensuring the stability by checking process implementing, process parameter management, fixture status, quality inspection results, etc.

·Organizing continuous improvements, including solving and eliminating production bottlenecks, improving production site, eliminating all kinds of waste and improving labor productivity, to continuously promote the lean production level of the factory.


·Bachelor's degree or above in IE, EE, ME, or equivalent

·5+ years of relevant experience in body shop process, or manufacturing environment

·Ability to work and lead effectively with team and peers within a manufacturing and engineering organization

·Strong problem-solving skills and an aptitude for both learning systems quickly and teaching them to others

·Excellent written and verbal communication skills and confidence in presenting to upper management

·Good capacity of leadership and personnel management skill

·Open minded, highly flexible, positive and take-charge attitude.

Uren per week: Full-time