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Originele vacaturetekst

Infotainment Software Engineer

The Role

Tesla is expanding its UI software engineering team. We are looking for a highly motivated software engineer specializing in front-end software development and creating exceptional user experiences.
You will need strong software engineering skills, excellent interpersonal communication, and experience accepting and giving meaningful feedback on technical designs. You will be responsible for the look and feel of the user experience, architecture, and front-end graphics. You will need to collaborate with our top-notch design team and back end developers.
Our goal is to set the bar for what a car UI can be; by creating an interface that flows so naturally, it makes the car feel like an extension of the driver's body. We want to work with people who are excited by this goal and have the talent to deliver on it.


· Rapid prototyping of in-car customer experiences

· Design, code, and debug UI interfaces/architectures

· Work with a cross-functional team of hardware engineers, application/UI software engineers, QA/Validation, and designers


· Proficient in C and C++

· Excellent grasp of fundamental computer science concepts

· Experience writing and shipping customer-facing code

· Willingness to learn new technologies in any area of the stack: UI, Rendering, Core, Protocols, Server

· Experience using common design patterns in the software industry

· High standards for code quality, maintainability, and performance

· Experience building state-of-the-art user interfaces and/or acclaimed consumer-facing applications


特?–?拉中国在搭建UI软件工程团队。?‘们正在寻找一批?“越的软件工程师,?“?—?从事前端软件开?‘?’?创造?“越的?”?户?“验。 您将需要强大的软件工程技能,出色的人?…交流,并能接?—?’?提出对技术设计的有价值反馈。您将负责?•?面?–观?’?驾驶?“验,?“系?“构?’?前端图形的技术开?‘。您将需要与?‘们一流的设计团队?’?后端开?‘人?‘?合作。






·与跨职能团队的硬件工程师,?”?”?程序/ UI软件工程师,QA /验证?’?设计人?‘?合作


·精通C?’?C ++



·愿意在堆栈的任?•一个领域学习?–?技术:UI,渲?“,核心,协议,服务器,Qt, OpenGL




Uren per week: Full-time