Laser Light Amplification EUV CO2 Laser Performance

Ajilon - Veldhoven

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Job Mission:
Our mission is to develop, deliver, integrate and qualify high power laser systems until proven for high volume manufacturing at our customers.
As CO2 Laser Performance and Integration engineer you will be challenged to act as an expert by contributing to the performance and integration of the full CO2 system which includes laser light creation, amplification, beam transport, focusing and positioning on the tin droplet. This CO2 system is part of the EUV sources in the Field and Factory machines.

Job Description:
Your contribution in this challenging and dynamic environment is to :
• Have thorough technical understanding of the overall complex CO2 system
• Specify (e.g. diagnostic) requirements and deliver tools, test and analysis methodology, for performance monitoring and optimization
• Create and perform test plans to verify if the design is meeting the requirements, on module level and integrated in the overall system.
• Investigate, analyze & troubleshoot issues in a structured way, find the root cause and turn this into plannable actions to contain and solve the issues structurally.
• Present results to the project team and other stakeholders.
• Support systems in the factory and the field. Travel (Asia / US) can be expected.
• Create knowledge transfer to the factory and customer support.


Bachelor / Master in physics, or similar with an emphasis on optical design / Laser Physics / Data processing & analysis is required.

> 5 years relevant experience in a multi-disciplined team related to integration / testing of complex optical or laser systems in an industrialized environment.

Personal skills:
• Excellent design and integration skills
• Excellent Problem Solving Disciplines
• Ability to create tooling for data analysis (Matlab, Python, Excel).
• Affinity with Signal processing
• Demonstrated “team player” with a quality orientation and interpersonal skills
• Fluency in English with excellent oral and written communication
• Be able to interface with multidisciplinary groups and work effectively in a team and be willing to take responsibility
• Self-propelling
• Be transparent, report on problems & issues

Context of the position:
The Laser Light Creation & Performance department is part of the EUV (Extreme Ultra Violet) Business Line in ASML. Its challenge is to develop, deliver, integrate and qualify High Power laser systems that make EUV happen. This job requires more than only excellent integration skills of complex optics & laser systems; you also need to have great communication & reporting skills to interact well with your team members and surrounding projects.


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Laser Light Amplification EUV CO2 Laser Performance

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