Mathilde Stone

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Hey, my name is Abigail, but I prefer Abi for short. I am an intense dog and Harry Potter fanatic who loves to travel and is excited for what’s to come! It’s an absolute pleasure to be part of the Jobbird team and have the official title of Social Media and SEO Intern. I feel like the luckiest girl to be in this position!


Let me tell you a little bit about myself… I was born in a small town in Israel where I had a lovely childhood together with my two loving parents- mom Naomi and dad Zeev, older brother Daniel and beautiful (and notoriously untrained) dog Lulu. At the age of 12 my brother told me we were moving to Croatia at the end of the summer. I instantly brushed it off, thinking it was just another one of his hilarious jokes. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be true! And I am so glad it did. I spent the next six years living in Croatia and attending an American International School. Croatia will forever feel like home and it's where I've made some of my best life-long friends.


After high school came university! Being quite an indecisive person, I had no idea what I wanted to do and that is when my mom suggested the spectacular option of studying hospitality. And that brings me to today: me, in Amsterdam, studying hospitality and business management at Hotelschool The Hague (HTH). Since this is my last year at HTH, I thought it was time to venture out and enter the so-called “adult world”.  And so, I began my search for a summer internship in a field that, until recently, I had not been familiar with. With a quick Google search, I came across an internship at Jobbird and decided to apply. Shortly after, to my surprise, I received a call from Daan at Jobbird. We discussed the internship and decided to keep in touch. After several email exchanges, Daan invited me over for an interview at the Jobbird office and the rest is history.


I chose the internship at Jobbird, since I see it as an opportunity to learn and expand my professional horizon. This position will introduce me to the corporate world and allow me to meet all sorts of interesting and work-driven people whom I can learn from. I view this internship as a unique and informative learning experience and am extremely thankful to the Jobbird team for the opportunity.

And of course for welcoming me with open arms!