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Ralph Meij

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Ultrasound Engineer
Within the organization you are the focal point for ultrasonic techniques. You also guide the outsourcing of external developments in this area. Next to that you validate the employability of ultrasonic devices and processing software. You continuously stay connected with operations and the methods they employ and you follow the latest scientific developments of your field as well as changes in rules and regulations regarding ultrasonic NDT techniques. As an ultrasound engineer you design ultrasound measuring techniques in consultation with your colleagues from Hardware (mechanics, electronics) and software. Together with the project manager you identify the demands of internal and external clients and translate these to designs. In these designs you take into account the possibilities and limitations of the equipment and measurement environment. In an early stage you start with the verification of the chosen solution using simulations and experiments. You share the results with your colleagues and clients through reports and presentations. You also stay involved in later stages of the development by creating test programs and validation of the equipment. On the basis of your test results you initiate adaptations to solve any problems. You will report to the manager of the Physics & Projects team. 1 dag geleden

Applus RTD
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Ralph Meij