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Food industry
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Nutrocorp International
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1.000.000 - 5.000.000


Nutrocorp International is based in Vlaardingen, in the Rotterdam area in The Netherlands. Since 1999 we have specialized expertise in the global poultry industry. We support professional companies with innovative knowledge and specifically developed natural and biological products to improve the sustainable production of safe and healthy chicken meat and chicken eggs. Our philosophy is to restore and improve the natural balance and immune system of chickens, by activating their own micro-organisms. By doing so, their resistance, health and growth will improve continuously. Without the use of antibiotics! We believe that applying the purest ingredients in the right way, is the only way to strenghten the chickens’ immune system, to restore their natural balance and to achieve their continuous health. Our main objective is to make all chicken meat and chicken eggs healthier, safer and antibiotic-free. Worldwide.

Wie zijn wij?

Our products make chicken meat and chicken eggs healthier, safer and antibiotic-free. Worldwide. Since 1999. By applying our innovative, 100% biological and sustainable products, your chickens will perform better and deliver safer, healthier and more nutricious food, without any antibiotics. Our products restore and improve the natural balance and immune system of chickens. The chickens’ growth, resistance and health will improve continuously.

Wat bieden wij?

Our products Nutro Egg and Nutro Meat are natural drinking water additives, especially developed for chickens. Nutro Egg and Nutro Meat are excellent nutritional supplements and consist entirely of biological ingredients. Nutro Egg and Nutro Meat act as a catalyst for the immune system of the chickens. Nutro Egg and Nutro Meat activate and stimulate the existing micro-organisms in the chickens, which ensure that the chickens’ immune system fights and prevents diseases succesfully.


We have the products, the knowledge and the experience to make great food even greater. We have the challenge to produce enough food responsibly and sustainably to feed the 9 billion people likely to occupy the planet by 2050. We want to broaden our horizons and do business with the greatest companies not only in the Netherlands and Europe, but also in the rest of the world. Companies that dare to take responsibility and increase their efficiency constantly.


Our mission : Let’s restore and improve the natural balance and health of chickens and make the worldwide production of chicken meat and chicken eggs safer, healthier, more sustainable and antibiotic-free.


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