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GENALICE develops intelligent solutions for large-scale and systematic processing and analysis of DNA data to discover abnormalities that cause disease much faster and better. Quality, creativity and self-development are our top priorities.

Wie zijn wij?

GENALICE is a highly innovative big data solutions company, specialized in Next Generation Sequencing. We design and build software solutions for ultra-fast, highly accurate, and cost- effective DNA and RNA data processing and analysis. Our ground-breaking software solution GENALICE MAP is able to offer an important contribution to better diagnosis and treatment of complex DNA diseases, as well as to provide the AgBio market with an innovative solution to increase molecular breeding strategies.

Wat bieden wij?

A very collegial, friendly and open environment. At GENALICE we listen to each other and your ideas and input are welcome. You will have the opportunity to organize your work the way you see fit whilst holding into account the bigger picture. We offer you proper working conditions and operate from our Global Headquarter in Harderwijk, the Netherlands.

Kernwaarden en activiteiten

Mission To save lives and improve the Quality of Life of patients with complex DNA diseases, such as cancer. Together with the input from researchers and the financial support from our investors, GENALICE can create a better future for these patients. Vision Complex diseases originate from specific defects in DNA. In recent years, DNA sequencing has become faster, cheaper and capable of detailed identification of such defects. Yet, there is a gap to be bridged between identification and patient benefits. A first important step, which must be significantly improved, is Next-Generation Sequencing read alignment. Data production has increased significantly, but speed and storage footprint have become major bottlenecks. GENALICE MAP offers researchers an excellent solution to these significant obstacles. Furthermore, an avalanche of complex data has to be analyzed and correlated to translate this important new molecular information into valuable predictions on individual patient’s disease development and treatment responses. The only way to get this massive job done and to get this vital information in a usable format to a treating physician is using an intelligent data correlation engine as hidden in the heart of the GENALICE LINK & CHECK solutions. Better care and more precise/timely care cycles can only be achieved with state of the art technology, as offered by GENALICE.


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