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Kevin Bacon Bar - Hotel Not Hotel

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Hotel Not Hotel is a place in Amsterdam where a room isn’t just a room, but a work of art with its own creator, story, and identity. Most of them designed and specially made by Collaboration-O, a group of young designers that originated from the Eindhoven Design Academy, and one by Arno Coenen and his partner IRIS.

When you wake up, you step into an art-filled, exhibition-like space instead of an anonymous lobby or hallway. The entire hotel is one big living room, with cosy seating areas between the cottages. Combined with our luxury beds and other facilities, Hotel Not Hotel offers an unrivalled experience. Click here for an overview of the different artists and their creations.

Besides all this, we feel that the value of a city lies in experiencing its local day-to-day life. As we are closely connected to Amsterdam and its numerous creative entrepreneurs, we know where to send you for a night on the town, a hidden culinary gem, or an upcoming artist’s exhibition.

The hotel can also be the perfect background for your own event, and we take group reservations, giving you the opportunity to have the hotel all to yourself.

The bar connected to Hotel Not Hotel is called Kevin Bacon. Just like the actor, the bar has zero pretention, it always delivers, and it makes sure everybody has a good time.

Kevin Bacon is not your typical hotel bar. It’s where locals get their morning coffee or a quick breakfast. It’s where friends meet for a cocktail or a beer before diving into the nightlife, and where hotel guests let their hair down after a long day in the city.

When the weather is good, the ‘Whitey the White’ terrace is sunny like a perfectly fried egg. The staff’s friendly attitude shines all year round.

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Kevin Bacon Bar - Hotel Not Hotel
Witte de Withstraat 38
1057XZ Amsterdam
Witte de Withstraat 38 Amsterdam, NL

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