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Wie zijn wij?

Impala Studios is a mobile app development studio that creates a wide variety of utility applications. We deliver top ranked apps to world wide App Stores. A great app should not only work seamlessly, it should make your life easier. We're very proud that our utility apps are among the highest ranking in the store. You probably already use our apps to wake up in the morning, check the weather or browse videos. Our product range consists of top-of-category utility, content browsing, and gaming apps. We want you to be pleased with and engaged by our apps and we'd love to hear your experiences!

Wat bieden wij?

Impala Studios is a leading mobile development company based in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Founded in 2009 and serving apps to millions of users worldwide. Our focus is to create usability. A team of highly innovative and creative IT Professionals invent, design, develop and release apps on multiple leading mobile platforms. Impala Studios assures a dynamic career where you will be able to fully utilize your unique qualities.


Innovative, High-Tech, young and fun.

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