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Delft Imaging Systems

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Delft aims to provide even the remotest areas with affordable digital imaging equipment (e.g. mobile X-ray systems, CT, MRI and ultrasound). Also, Delft specializes in customized complete solutions for radiology departments, Diagnostic Centres, including IT systems like PACS/RIS and Teleradiology. Additionally, our mobile OneStopTB clinic equipped with X-ray and Computer Aided Detection software (CAD4TB) significantly contributes to the worldwide fight against Tuberculosis. 

Delft Imaging Systems envisions a world in which everyone can benefit from the modern world' advances in healthcare. As adequate diagnosis is key to successful treatment, Delft believes that diagnostics should be equally accessible to all. Unfortunately, developing countries are frequently under-resourced. Delft takes these poignant situations and the specific approach these cases require, as a starting point for product development. The Delft approach ensures that products fit the needs of our appreciated customers worldwide. 

Delft innovations for medical imaging are used in many countries around the globe and have proven to be cost-effective and reliable.

For more information, please visit our website http://www.delft.care

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Delft Imaging Systems
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