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WHAT WE DO TTC provides organizations with: • Access to millions of emerging market consumers. • Profound insights from millions of emerging market consumers. We run social marketing campaigns, collect data and measure impact using mobile technology in emerging markets. TTC connects organizations with their hard-to-reach target groups. Using mobile phone technology we create interaction with people on any scale and provide them with valuable personal information. Our extensive expertise comes from 7 years of reaching millions of people across Africa, South America and Asia. Our solutions make sure people receive important information for free, provide opportunity for people to voice their opinion by asking questions, and collecting valuable data. These mobile phone-based platforms are scalable, cost-effective, easy-to-use and guarantee the measurability of results.

Wie zijn wij?

TTC is een social enterprise die zich inzet voor betere communicatie in opkomende markten in Afrika, Azië en Zuid Amerika. Met in totaal 35 werknemers verspreid over 3 kantoren, in Nederland, Oeganda en Bolivia, hebben wij een dienst ontwikkeld die gebruik maakt van mobiele technologie, waarmee in ontwikkelingslanden op een snelle manier informatie wordt uitgewisseld met specifieke doelgroepen. De technologie wordt ingezet voor dataverzameling, voorlichting en bij ondersteuning van noodhulp. Wij werken voor en met verschillende organisaties (zowel NGOS als bedrijven), voorbeelden hiervan zijn: Unilever, de Wereldbank, WarChild en Vodafone.

Wat bieden wij?

- Both of TTC’s offices in Kampala and Amsterdam are inspiring places to work, where innovation, cooperation and results are the main focus. - The most outstanding and unique thing about TTC is the drive of its committed employees known for getting the job done, no matter how challenging the task. Never a dull moment. - Our organization is growing fast because of our groundbreaking use of mobile communication in emerging countries. - We believe even the best technology can be improved. We're always looking for ways to improve our work, and want colleagues who can take on that challenge. - We share our office in the city center of Amsterdam with the 1%CLUB and Akvo.org, two dynamic social enterprises. - TTC is an organization with lots of opportunities for your own ideas. - TTC is about working with fantastic people with a great sense of humor on exciting projects, as well as being a part of something that matters


TTC Values:

Customer Focus: We work closely with our customers and strive to build our relationships on professionalism and mutual trust. It is by fully understanding our customers’ needs that we can offer services and solutions that are always custom made and we strive to be one step ahead of the market.

Social Entrepreneurship: As we work to stay at the forefront as a social enterprise by offering the best possible services and don’t stop challenging the status quo. This means that we continuously explore new innovations, new emerging markets, new ideas and new ways of doing business, establishing social change is a part of our customer’s propositions. 

Team Spirit: As TTC we are one team and one office, although we are all over the world. We share a common vision, have the same goals and are committed to working together.

Ownership: In TTC we have independent culture, the team gets the opportunity to improve their skills and bring ideas to the floor. Our team has major working ethics, take ownership of our activities and results, we are professionals and are focused on realizing durable solutions.

Open Minded: By being open minded we see the world, our clients and colleagues unprejudiced. This gives us the opportunity to see what’s behind the screens and stimulates us to be creative and deliver tailor made solutions.


Daphne Koeleman

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TTC Mobile
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Daphne Koeleman

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