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Herola International

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Herola International exchanges international expertise and the latest innovative developments in order to enhance the quality of everyday life and offer the best possible healthcare services that are needed by people worldwide.

Wie zijn wij?

Herola International is an organization specialized in the outsourcing of highly trained and skillful professionals to countries abroad. Currently, our main focus is to outsource personnel to Abu Dhabi and Dubai (located in the United Arab Emirates), where we have multiple partnerships and outstanding relations with both small and large organizations. These organizations are in need of professional personnel for their brand new healthcare centers or to strengthen their existing ones.

Herola International provides software, Herola C-suite, to healthcare organizations in the United Arab Emirates. Herola C-suite is aimed to optimize personnel efficiency by reducing their workload through online booking, digital intakes, appointment reminders and much more. It can be personalized for both small and large organizations.

Herola International is part of the Herola Corporate Group, which is a group of companies specialized in delivering products, services and professionals in the healthcare and rehabilitation sector.

Wat bieden wij?

Fulltime jobs in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for 1 year or longer!


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Herola International
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