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Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

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The ECE has a flat organizational structure, with only the director and the management team at the top. Our team is relatively small, consisting of about 25 to 30 people, both interns and employees. Every single team member is responsible for a certain project or task, creating an overall feel of commitment and drive. We believe in giving our individual team members a lot of responsibilities, allowing them the opportunity to really put something out there, and keeping them motivated in reaching their goals. You can look at our website for an overview of the ECE Team.

Wie zijn wij?

Het Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

The ECE is where the many facets of entrepreneurship find a home, bringing business and academia together. In our three main focus areas you can learn new skills (Education), add new knowledge (Research) and apply the skill and knowledge in practice (Services). 

Empowering Entrepreneurs

We believe that society faces challenges that can only be solved with an entrepreneurial approach. Boundaries, restrictions and inefficiencies limit people from utilizing their entrepreneurial potential. We empower entrepreneurs to create added value, supported by the knowledge and network of Erasmus University. Our activities have a solid academic background and an international perspective

Wat bieden wij?

As ECE Team we have big ambitions and are always hungry for more. We. believe that the world is facing challenges which can be solved by entrepreneurs So. we build an infrastructure to foster ambitious entrepreneurship And. we will empower a global community of 4 entrepreneurs that can solve worldwide challenges We do this with a team that has a positive attitude, shows ownership, is inventive and has the drive to make it happen. Another creed that we live by, with credit to our director, is “Don’t bring problems, bring solutions”.


Simone van Kooperen

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Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship
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Simone van Kooperen