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Our franchise business "La Mariquita" is a part of the company Pili Carrera.
Pili Carrera leads the production and distribution of children’s fashion, offering its collections for the newly-born, babies, children, babycare and nursery furniture under the same brand name –Pili Carrera-, enabling it to cover a child’s every need as he grows. The range is completed by a line of cosmetics based on a sweet and fresh fragrance for babycare.

Pili Carrera’s head office is located in Mos, just outside Vigo (Pontevedra), with 20,000 sq m of the most updated facilities where the company’s entire process from production to finished article takes place.

It was founded in 1963, when the Carrera family began to manufacture knitwear for babies. After a marked period of growth, in 1980 the company began to incorporate the children’s collections and in 1991 it opened its first mono-brand store in Vigo.

Its consolidated presence in the Spanish market via a network of more than 30 mono-brand stores, recognition of its brand name in the different markets and the high quality level of its products have made Pili Carrera a worldwide point of reference within the sector.



Sarah | Pili Carrera Amserdam

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La Mariquita
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1015CB Amsterdam

Sarah | Pili Carrera Amserdam

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