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Solera Nederland B.V. (ABZ)

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Solera Netherlands ABZ is Solera’s main subsidiary in the Netherlands, a purchase from ADP in 2006. ABZ is the leading provider of web-based solutions that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of company processes in the financial services and automotive industry within The Netherlands. These are sservices in fraud and risk management, sales and distribution management and claim management. In 2010 Solera acquired Market Scan, a leading data analytics and software company serving the Dutch insurance industry. In the Netherlands Solera is also active via AUTO Online and has acquired Commerce Delta, a supplier in body shop management systems in 2011. The total Dutch operation represents a revenue size of US$ 60M and has 145 employees.

Wie zijn wij?

Solera Solera Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: SLH) is an integrated group of leading automotive claims solutions companies. Solera provides software and services to the automobile insurance claims processing industry. It offers estimating and workflow software to manage the overall claims process, estimate the cost to repair a damaged vehicle, and calculate the pre-collision fair market value of a vehicle; and salvage and recycling software that helps automotive recyclers to manage their inventories in order to facilitate the location, sale, and exchange of vehicle parts for use in the repair of a damaged vehicle. The company also provides business intelligence and consulting services, which help its insurance company customers to monitor and assess their performance through customized data, reports, and analyses; and shared services. In addition, it offers other services and products, which include selling hardware for use with its software, training, and call center technical support services; services that allow to access operational and technical support in times of high demand following natural disasters; and software that helps detect fraudulent activity. Further, the company provides software and services with access to information on the United Kingdom registered vehicles to private car buyers, car dealers, finance houses, and the insurance industry. Its automobile insurance claims processing customers include insurance companies, collision repair facilities, independent assessors, and automotive recyclers. Solera Holdings operates in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, North America, and Central and South America. The company was founded in 1966 and is headquartered in Dallas, TX. 2012 Revenues $M and $3.9B market cap. For more information visit: www.solerainc.com

Wat bieden wij?

Guiding Principles Solera follows a set of organizational principles (80/20, 30/30, 90/10) that encourage and foster an environment of innovation, high-performance, and results. Each day, these principles guide us how we operate. Think 80/20…. We act this way Drive managers and associates to focus their individual efforts on the 20 percent that produces 80 percent of the results. We require all of our associates to Think 80/20. On an organizational level, that means the focus should be on the 20 percent of the work that drives 80 percent of the value to our customers and employees. On an individual level, associates evaluate projects priorities using an 80/20 filter. With that filter, they can easily determine where their focus should be on the 20 percent of the work that drives 80 percent of the results, ensuring that their decisions are aligned with our largest and most important customers. Act 30/30…. Lead initiatives to reduce waste by 30% and increase productivity by 30%. The 30/30 principle emphasizes reducing waste and wasteful processes by 30 percent while improving throughput by the same amount. During difficult financial times, many companies look to cut costs and neglect to eliminate waste. They focus on decreasing expenses by reducing head count rather than increasing efficiency and streamlining operations. At Solera, we focus on the throughput to drive revenue growth and increased EBITDA. Live 90/10….We live Direct managers and associates to personally assume 90 percent accountability for team-based projects with a remaining 10 percent of accountability to colleagues. Finally, we require our employees to Live 90/10, which means we impart a "got your back" mentality that advises each associate to take 90 percent ownership of the team's project and leave only 10 percent to the team. This prevents finger-pointing and motivates associates to collaborate. It also teaches them accountability and helps individuals to manage up, rather than waiting to be managed down or avoiding responsibility altogether.


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Solera Nederland B.V. (ABZ)
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