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What you’re getting into We’ve got big collaborative spaces for your big ideas, so bring an open mind and leave your suit in the closet. We all are committed to creating unique and rewarding consumer experiences. Everyone is interested in succeeding – for the team, for themselves and for the business. Cross-functionally and across the company, everyone has common goals and aspires to be their best. You will learn something new or at least look at things differently every day. There are so many smart and creative people around that you’ll be motivated to pursue the ideal. Team spirit is infectious. Belkin is an extremely open workplace, where communication is essential. Not every idea will be accepted, but you’ll be asked for your point of view. Innovation thrives on multiple and varied levels. At Belkin we challenge conventional wisdom and refuse to accept that something cannot be done.


Nicky van Wees van Noord

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Belkin B.V.
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1119MB Schiphol-Rijk

Nicky van Wees van Noord

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