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Asian Vegetables & Fruit was born in 1996 in Rotterdam south, formerly Asian Dim Sum. In the beginning the company was mainly engaged in importing and supplying Chinese dim sum. During the period of trading, the purchasing network grew by the day. The company has gained many business connections and opportunities. Along with the business expanding, we realized that there is a huge demand of Asian vegetable and fruit in Europe. When the opportunity arose we rapidly developed into a specialized wholesaler in delivering fresh products to Asian spermarkets in Europe. In China there are various excellent supplier under our supervision. And together with local producers and suppliers, we encouraged the development of fresh Asian products in Europe. As the business has expanded, we have made many efficient and unique cooperative links for assuring the quantity and quality of our products.

Wie zijn wij?

Asian Vegetables & Fruit

Chinese cuisine is one of the finest cuisines in the world. Because of the size of the country and the many different peoples, each with their own culture, climatological differences and regional food sources, we cannot actually speak of one 'cuisine'. However, there are common factors in the various regional cuisines, which do make it possible to speak of Chinese cuisine.

Asian Vegetables & Fruit is a wholesaler in fresh Chinese products, with outlets throughout the whole of Europe. By now, many large organizations, in particular wholesalers and large supermarket chains, are being supplied with exotic types of vegetables and fruits from Asia. As a result of an optimum transport network to all corners of Europe and very well organized stock keeping, the time to market is less than a few days.


Wat bieden wij?

The loyal customers who always involve in a long-term relationship that are very satisfied with our complete services. The complete services offers professionally packed fresh products and a door to door delivery. In addition, customers greatly appreciate Asian Vegetables & Fruit's flexibility in services because of the customer will always be our first consideration. Asian Vegetables & Fruit will continually improve product quality and packaging. And the up-to-date marketing communication gives the company a unique position within this sector.



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Asian Vegetables & Fruit
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