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Missie Foodscore group is a full – service provider who assists, supports retailers and manufacturers in the Food- industry in producing and launching safe, innovative and high – quality products thus ensuring their competitive edge over others. Visie Foodscore group foresees that in the future increasing awareness among customers in regard to food safety & quality, changing legislation, sustainability, innovation and outsourcing of non-core activities will create demand for a service provider that is able to offer a complete overview of existing product specifications and to combine these results from sensory analysis, quality control and food consultancy thus ensuring control in a outsourced situation resulting in a competitive edge over others By combining results of market research & product testing, product specification and labelling in a newly developed tool. Foodscore group is able to offer complete control overview and is able to pro-actively advise and consult on food development thus ensuring competitive edge over others.

Wie zijn wij?

Foodscore Group is a fast-growing, ambitious organisation that serves a wide variety of companies in the food industry and related business sectors.

Foodscore Group is managed by Kim Coster. Kim is a very experienced manager from the Food industry. She manages the company together with Edwin Wekking as Research & Innovation Executive.  Edwin was the founder and owner of Opinion Test & Taste, a Dutch market research company specialized in sensory testing for food manufacturers and retailers.

Foodscore is an international organisation with 3 major divisions. Foodscore has a key focus on those 3 activities. Foodscore Consultancy, Foodscore Technology, Foodscore Sensory. The  focus results in a lean and mean organisation with high quality services. By having this  focus we are able to provide the best sevices to our customers.

We are working with highly motivated, educated and ambitious people.

Ultimately, what we are trying to be is an organisation that offers you all the tools and services you need to be successful. And we are trying to do so in a personal, passionate and transparent way.


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