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Currently i-Optics employs approximately 30 people. In addition, there is an international sales distribution network. The objective is to employ 45 FTE by end of 2012 and drive the International expansion to a substantial revenue base with 200+ employees in 5 years. The corporate culture within i- Optics is collaborative, creative and always striving to improve in order to be the best. Ultimately, i- Optics wants to contribute to better healthcare around the world.

Wie zijn wij?

Who are we?
i-Optics is a leading pioneer in the development of superior eye diagnosis solutions that are affordable, fast and easy to use by care providers to better serve patients across the world in the most convenient way. Our product pipeline includes the EasyScan, Cassini and EyePrevent. The EasyScan is a fast and easy to use retinal imaging system based on SLO technology for the diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy, AMD and Glaucoma.  The Cassini is a first of its kind corneal topographer based on the principle of color coded topography, which allows for superior diagnosis for contact lens fitting, corneal transplant and LASIK surgery. EyePrevent is an integrated service for screening of diabetes patients and others on retinal diseases that could lead to blindness.
The initial product development phase leading to the first products is successfully finished and i-Optics is now making the transition from R&D to Marketing & Sales. We are looking for ambitious professionals to take on this challenge together and make the difference.


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